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Industrial Internet of Things

A typical cloud service provider has economies of scale ( FIXED COST OVER MORE CUSTOMERS )that the typical corporation lacks. There are always trade-offs in any business situation. By purchasing just the right amount of IT resources on demand the organization can avoid purchasing unnecessary equipment.
No organization should commit mission-critical systems to the cloud without negotiating an SLA (service level agreement ) that includes significant penalties for not delivering the promised service level.
The vast majority of small to medium businesses only do one or two unique things. That means most business processes are common, mundane, and a good fit for cloud computing.
Two major worries about moving to the cloud are security and fear of vendor lock-in.

From Embedded Linux to IoT

Why Engineering Teams Are Shutting Down Industrial IoT Projects

Nebulous goals, undefined business requirements, and vague user stories are the fertile fields in which you sow the seeds of your digital demise.

Cloud options can by grouped into :
Software as a Service
Platform as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service

The latest hyped techno babble term tends to be promoted by web based cloud providers to promote their database and their profits with your data held hostage, but that does not mean you can not have your own reasonable solution using those same web based advantages.

The advantage of IIoT is an established ethernet network standard that bypasses the old custom programs and mixed communication standards to store and retrieve data.

The modern dashboard of organized data summaries on one simple linkable sheet is what many managers have come to expect.

The old SCADA/HMI historians that require you to laboriously scan through tons of time based data to find what you are looking for is a thing of the past.

Databases are designed for searches.

Why NOT just use that built in power that used to require a programmer to write a SQL script to see it ?

Real-time Information Boosts Manufacturing Decision Making | Featured Article | Automation World delivers content for the Automation Buying team, which includes Information Technology and Networking; Operations and Engineering; and Management and Executives. The Automation Buying Team specifies products such as controllers, enterprise resource planning systems, Human-Machine Interfaces, Personal Computers, SCADA systems, motors, Distributed Control Systems, Input-Output devices, Manufacturing Execution Systems, sensors and many more items., Manufacturers and producers continue to realize gains in productivity, efficiency and profitability by using real-time production data to empower operator and manager decision making.

Take a look at all the Applications SCADA123 can help you leverage.

You can add ethernet capabilities with Arduino devices or use one of the many communication protocols to connect to your current system.

For simple inexpensive wifi devices you can integrate into your own LAN or Internet system, you might want to try the ESP32,ESP8266, or Particle Photon.

Take advantage of MQTT for simple communications.

For a fully cloud based support, you can use the Particle devices with API interfaces for easy integration.

Want to bypass running long communication wires ?

Use a WiFi embedded processor like ESP32 to communicate to your LAN.

Take advantage of MQTT for simple communications.

Install Ubuntu Server on a Raspberry Pi 4 and create your own daq LAN system.