Some proprietary software is available as a free download ( with the buy the hardware business model ).

Some are simplified versions.

Here are a few free downloadable software items worthy of a trial for your automation needs:

Free Downloads

Download the latest Raspberry Pi supported Operating System to an SSD card and get enjoying all the options available with a tiny PC and the hottest maker projects.
If you want a simpler microcontroller designed more for simple dedicated applications, then an Arduino board may be what you want.
The Click Versions are simplified inexpensive versions of  PLC with Free Click Programming Software.


Automation Direct Do-more PLC

The Do-more Versions are Advanced micro-modular versions of  PLC with Free Do-more Programming Software.

Automation Direct is one of the best inexpensive systems available with customer support.

Automation Direct C-more MicroHMI

Inexpensive small screen displays easily integrated with Direct PLCs Free C-more Software.

Automation Direct is one of the best inexpensive systems available with free customer support.

No license and no maintenance contracts !


RedLion has many products. Their HMI strength is the  Free Crimson 3 Programming Software.

Their HMIs have many different communication protocols and connectors in a fixed C programmming system. ( Drivers and connections are much easier than PC based HMI and there is no PC user hassels to deal with). It is an industrial HMI with looks and control.

Their weakness is a lack of customer support and updated manuals.

An easy to use - wizard based - UI will guide you through the installation process. You can select which products you want to have installed on your machine. After the file installation you can configure your system and setup your MySQL server.

The MySQL Installer 5.5 package includes the following products.

  • MySQL Server 5.5 GA
  • MySQL Workbench 5.2 GA
  • MySQL Connectors (.Net / ODBC / Java / C / C++) GA
  • MySQL Samples and Examples 5.5
  • MySQL Documentation 5.5


Standardized database driver for .NET platforms and development.

AB RSLogix Micro Starter Lite Download

Allen-Bradley Rockwell Automation RSLogix Micro Starter Lite new version supports all ML1000 ten point PLC’s and also all M1100 PLC’s.  Additionally it is rumored to support other PLC’s including some ML1500 and ML1700.

A simplified communication server providing PC-PLC device connectivity of their full RS Linx software.

For manuals and other upgrades, click the below link..

Free Emulation Software for MicroLogix 1000, 1100, 1200, 1400 and 1500