Simplified Control Automation & Data Analysis

Bridging the gap between automation OT and IT

Join the IIoT innovation without the Big Corp proprietary price tag !

Design simplicity cures engineered complexity

The best way to address a complex subject has always been to divide it into smaller subproblems that are more manageable.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo DaVinci

SCADA123 has many simplified solutions for your automation ,testing, and process improvement business needs.

Add data storage, analysis & display to existing islands of automation.

Do you want a simple prototype to test a concept, a small modification, or adding a data solution, SCADA123 has a solution.

  • Need an embedded QC or test system.
  • Add  high speed sensors without the need of expensive HS PLC cards.
  • Add motor controls where proprietary systems are cost prohibitive.
  • Need an additional IOT addition to your current system.
  • Want to add Business Analytics & Intelligence, let  SCADA123 help you leverage programming. ( Process )
  • Need PLC or HMI help, let SCADA123 help modify what you have or show you some simplified options. ( Automation )

There is a plethora of Automation Companies and Services available in the US looking to offer you a big buck big project solutions.

Most System Integrators:

  • are specific to the hardware & software they are distributors for
  • tend to focus on TurnKey solutions to an established process
  • want to lock you into their established solutions

That is not what SCADA123 is about !

KICKSTART your own project with some simple Cookbook learning example manuals to download from our store.

Want a finished turnkey solution ? Contact Sales

SCADA is all about leveraging off the Open Source Solutions available and proprietary freeware systems.

Software should not be one more challenge to overcome.

Too much cost, too much time to learn, too much maintenance to keep running...
Software should be one more tool for you to use to overcome the business challenges you already have.

Get off the never ending proprietary treadmill of planned obsolescence and constant new versions paid for again & again.

With Open Source Solutions you can:

  • get free access to the source code for applications you wish to use and applications created
  • get access to an entire community of developers to ask questions or even pay for support
  • you will own the software ( not one company vendor ) and can easily change developers
  • you will be part of the Open Source integration of software for the web, database, programming ...
  • Open source continues to be updated for free and rarely is old code made obsolete with an upgrade solution